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Who We Are

DIZONA CREW is a Revolution Music Movement with more than 10 years of experience. We are a  talented group of Dj's, re-mixers, producers, musicians & hosts that produce the best quality music for all environments. We are all about good vibes focusing on the best of the urban & afro side..

we also have a new connection to our team which is S|GRAPHICS, a talented graphic designer that produces the best and creative high quality products


Goes by the name of Ruben , also known as "Snypah" for always having a good eye detail in everything he does.

He started to have passion for the music since early days but only when he turned 18 he became a Dj , performing in many clubs and making mix's ,his respect started to raise even more. 

Now he currently studies Graphic Design, so he puts his effort on "DZC" studio, not only as a graphic designer , Mc but also as a new Deejay of the crew.



Goes by the name of Paulo , He's known as the leader and the purpose of the crew being put together.

He's the oldest in the crew and the one with more experience on the music industry.

Everyone else in the crew got inspired by his talent and passion for music production.

He's the known as the "master" of DizonaCrew.


Goes by the name of  Joao , He started producing since 2000 and He became a great re-mixer that's how He gained his respect. Now after 10 years, He became an international dj , playing o

In the most famous club around Europe.



Goes by the name of Paulo and he started producing since 1999/2000.

His Music style varies , but his strenth is more focus on Kuduro from Angola, DeepHouse, AfroHouse, Dutch House, Kizomba, Funana Ragga, Dancehall & Hip Hop.

"I have a crew, DiZonaCrew Deejays which im very proud to belong to"


Goes by the name of Moises but also known as Mo tello, the beat maker.

Mo tello has been a member of DZC from the begininng. He was influcied by the other crew members to become a dj. Later on was taught by Dj Matabaya how to produce which then He decided to concentrate more on producing to become the beat maker he is today.


Goes by the name of Jose also known as Matabaya, name given by his friends from his neighboroughood.

He named the group DizonaCrew, for being the only group of djs of the same neighboroughood.

He's producer, re-mixer and also a  Dj.

At the moment his a sucessfull resident dj in a prestigious local club in Portugal.